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Kingdom Hearts Collectors
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Community for Kingdom Hearts merchandise collectors

Hello there and WELCOME to Kingdom Hearts Collectors! As the name suggests, this community is for Kingdom Hearts fans all around the world who love and enjoy collecting merchandise from this beloved video game! Kingdom Hearts has captured the hearts of thousands, maybe millions, of followers through the years and during that time, many of you have come to purchase just more merchandise than beyond the games themselves. Here, you can sell, buy and show off pieces of what has become a part of your life! So again welcome and enjoy your stay!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact our staff:
toda (Founder) LJ pming, AIM: Angura Riot/VentusWTF, Email: toda.the.skitty(@)gmail.com
chaosoftwilight (Mod) - LJ pming, Email: twikitxune(@)gmail.com
tagami_yami (Mod) - LJ PMing, Email: tagami_of_darkness(@)hotmail.com

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♛ Please play nice! People love their collections no matter what they might look like! If you do not care for a certain piece, please keep your comments to yourself. Only supportive and friendly comments please!

♡ Please only post one image outside of an LJ tag. The picture outside the tag should be no larger than 500pixels wide.

♛ Though this is a community for Kingdom Hearts collections, Final Fantasy and Disney collections are also welcome! However, please make sure your post is KH focused.

♡ Customs are completely ok to post here! There are a lot of talented artists who make wonderful KH pieces and welcomed to be bragged about here! Any KH item that can be physically touched is welcome for show on the community!

♛ This community is about KH MERCHANDISE so please refrain from discussing too much of the KH/FF/Disney fandom as a whole. Snippets here and there are fine but make sure you stay on topic. Please be considerate with spoilers!

♡ Please do not change the font color or face of your text. Feel free to bold, underline and italicize but don't alter it in any other way.

♛ Kingdom Hearts merchandise is EXPENSIVE! If you plan on being an active buyer, please be smart with your money. We are no responsible for your debt and backing out of transactions can earn you a negative!

♡ All sales must be posted on the community and should be KH focused. That means you are not allowed to link to your personal/sales journal, site, eBay, etc to sell here. This will hopefully cut down on fly buy, generic ads.

♛ Be thorough with your item condition and your guidelines. Where you are shipping from, when you ship, what are your selling terms, haggling allowed, etc. If your item is a bootleg, PLEASE make sure you post this!

♡ You must accept payment via paypal and only accept the 'purchase' payment type. This protects buyers if sellers go missing with their money as it's easier to open a dispute. There are fees with this option that can be easily calculated using this site.

♛ Have proof of some sort of feedback somewhere. Due to the high prices on some Kingdom Hearts merchandise, buyers will feel more safe and comfortable if they can see other feedback. Once the community gets larger and older, your KHcollector feedback will be fine enough!

♡ Have some common sense when posting reminders of your sales. Do not remind the community every few hours.

♛ Keep your shipping receipt. This will be used as proof that the item you shipped was indeed shipped if for whatever reason the package did not show up at your buyer's residence. Delivery Confirmation within the US is only .45 cents and might be worth adding on your packages.

35 Day Rule: If your buyer does not receive their item within 35 days of payment and especially if you are difficult to contact, a paypal dispute will be opened. Exceptions: If the buyer chose seamail, as this is the slowest form of shipping, a natural disaster or strike is affecting the mail system, or the item in question is a custom-made item.

Auctions: If you wish to auction off some items, please have a fixed time and end them on time. Also please make clear starting starting amounts for auctions and best offers. "OBO" means that the amount you will accept asking price or a price lower than what you originally asked for but is reasonable for you.

Banning: You may ban certain buyers from your sales if you have had rough or unsuccessful transactions in the past. Please keep it drama free and simple if needing to state a reason why.
♛ Be mature and reasonable. Do no comment whining about prices or how you cannot afford an item. If the seller states they are willing to haggle, please do so respectfully.

♡ Send all Paypal purchases under the 'purchase' option only. This protects you if your seller ends up being flakey. Expect to pay a little extra to cover fees.

♛ Do not back out of sales once committing. This includes promising a seller that you will pay if they hold the item for you for 'x' days. If you are not sure about a price shipped, ask for quotes first! If you back out of a sale too many times, sellers are allowed to leave you negative feedback.

♡ Make sure you read all the seller's rules and guidelines. Make sure they hold or haggle before asking.

♛ Try to get back to the sellers ASAP to let them know if you're interested in buying or not so they may expect your payment or hand it over to the next person.
Group Buys/Auctions:
Group Auctions: When a Kingdom Hearts lot or, most likely, set is found on eBay or Yahoo Japan Auctions that has one or few pieces that you are interested in but way above your available price range, you may call upon the help of others to split the set/lot with you for reasonable pricing in an auction setting!
Group Buys: Just like a group auction, if you find a lot or set above your price range but there is a Buy it Now or Bin price, you can ask the community for help on a claim base with set pricing.

Group Auction/Buys Rules:
♥ Group Auctions or Buys are NOT as simple and easy as they may appear! Please be well organized, available and efficient before thinking of doing one of these!
♥ You cannot set up a Group Auction/Buy until you either have ten (10) positive selling community feedback or granted permission from a mod. In your post, please make sure you state what mod granted permission if 10 selling feedback is not available.
♥ Please be aware that if you are using a deputy service for Yahoo Japan Auctions, there are a number of fees to consider! eBay lots should have two payments and y!j should have three.
♥ Rules and other helpful tips will be made once GA/GB become more plentiful and common.

These auctions and buys are NON-profit! You should only be getting a profit on these if you have items left over that no one has claimed that you may sell.

Here at KHcollectors, we have supplied you with a community based feedback page! If you end up buying or selling here and wish to keep the feedback community based, please follow the link below!

Community Feedback Here