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"Poppies" doujinshi by RSSSY for sale

I've been cleaning out my room, and I found this. I remember seeing colored scans used as icons back in the day, but I'm not sure if it's worth anything to anyone anymore.

I have feedback in my journal, and I can provide a link to the feedback in my eBay seller account as well.
Please comment or PM me with any questions/offers. Thanks! ^_^

In very good condition. Was flipped through a few times and then stored on a bookshelf in a non-smoking home. Appears to be more of a friendship story than shounen-ai.

Photo 1 || Photo 2 || Photo 3 || Photo 4 || Photo 5
Photo 6 || Photo 7 || Photo 8 || Photo 9 || Photo 10
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[News] Unversed plsuh, clearfiles, new figures, more, and a get

Oh, long time no see! Hopefully we haven't forgotten each other but just in case - I'm Dev! It has been a little over a year since the last post... so I'm going to attempt a little revival. I'm sure we haven't all disappeared.

So to kick things off, here's some new upcoming merchandise that's yet to be reported here:

A wild Unversed plush Appeared! About time too!
I'm hoping they'll re-release Meow wow, Heartless and Dusk too, so I can just buy them in one fell swoop.
Release date: TBC [source]
More underneath the cut
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And here's a nice get:Collapse )

And as for the community, maybe a taglist? That'd be useful ; u ; I never know how to tag things. And here's some questions to ponder if you're bored: Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? Have you seen the new trailers? and who's going to D23 in California? 
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Finally new merch!

WOW! All you guys still here??

My collection has grown quite a bit and I've been meaning to share with you guys but I'm in the process of packing to buy my first house. :3 Once settled, I'll make a huge post!

ANYWAY, finally some new merch!
Second set of rubber straps!

No release date as of yet, I'll post again once we get a date!
I really like the Axel one but that's really it. :( Won't be getting this set, sadly.
Which ones are your favorite?

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Also, if you're new or have been lurking, please feel free to introduce yourself and your collection! We would all love to see! ♥
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Here I was, wishing that I could be at the D23 Japan Expo to put in my bids for some amazing pieces. Unfortunately, it's a good thing I wasn't there because I could never compete!
The unique pre-production Sora figure ended at ¥703,000.

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Tokyo Game Show

Though the TGC has disappointed all of us with pulling Kingdom Hearts III from the line up, you can still get some cool things there!

- iPhone 5 case
- Dusk plush
- Rubber keychains

As well as a FFXV wallscroll?

You can see more information on the official merchandise site here!

The rubber keychains are now available for pre-order on Amiami with a release date of late September.
(Un)fortunately, they are sold as a set.
If anyone would be interested in purchasing a set with me, that would be great! I really only have my eyes on Donald and Cloud.
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IMPORTANT: The location for the KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- launch event has been changed to the Anaheim Marriott in the Platinum Ballroom across the street from the Disneyland Resorts & Parks! The first 2000 attendees will receive a rare KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Disney Collector Pin!
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